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        I was born many years ago in Colon, Panama but grew up in San Diego, CA.  As an undomesticated young adult, attended San Diego State College (Geol.) then the Univ. Calif. Berkeley (Paleo) and have not stopped aggressively learning stuff ever since.

         Having a short attention span, I have been unable to work much longer than about two years at even the best of jobs (or careers, if you will) including the U.S. Navy Electronics Lab (NEL), the Coast & Geodetic Survey (USC&GS), Environmental Science Service Admin. (ESSA), and  the Nat. Oceanogr. & Atmosph. Admin. (NOAA).   I've also worked for coal and oil companys as a field geologist and lab specialist in micropaleontology.  My professional activities included working on problems of continental drift (then plate trectonics) and ostracode paleontology.  The above graphic, Ecdysis, sums this up pretty well showing the earth hatching out a giant ostracode along the mid ocean rift system. 

          In the past 15 years I taught part time (on and off) at two local colleges in Omak, WA - mostly geology, meteorology, and astronomy, but occasionally, physics, biology, and critical thinking.  (What a wonderful way to learn! And I did my best for the students, too...).

         In the late 1970's - early 1980's I founded, and shamelessly appointed myself president of, the International Stop Continental Drift Society.  The ISCDS Newsletter was mostly humorous off-the-wall stuff, but the Society also afforded a refugium for those geologists who grew up in a world of ocean-floor/continent permanency and eschewed the new dogma of continental drift and plate tectonics.  These folks unsmilingly published in the section entitled "Continental Drift Hit List".  Alas, ISCDS is now defunct mostly because it was so successful and the workload too massive for me to continue producing newsletters. 

       My wife and I live "off the grid" in rural WA State relying on photovoltaics for the few electrons that we require.  Linda is a psychiatic nurse specializing in geriatrics.  This is perfect for me as I need all the help I can get in these areas.