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The last of the Creation/Evolution Satiricon: Creationism Bashed. Only a few copies left.

$ 39.95 ppd

The kinder and genteler philosophy of addressing the creationism-evolution debate is to seek reasonable mutual understanding thereby establishing report with your advisaries.  Dietz and Holden have taken a different tack in this book. Rather than a rapier, we invoked a sledge hammer approach to the issue - with no apologies, thank you. In the struggle to save science in America, it will probably take both styles to finally win the battle.  One thing is for sure, the kinder gentler approach is presently losing the battle for evolutionists as the far religious right is obviously on the attack - and winning!


The Creation/Evolution Satiricon was privately published in 1988.  The edition was limited to a few thousand copies of which only less than a hundred are left.  While they last, the price is $ 39.95 ppd. from this site.

The book is somewhat dated and does not address the concept of Intelligent design or the current political scene.  It does, however, address "scientific creationism"  (the old version of ID), and religions generally (and specifically) with insulting humor, wit, outrage, and  copious illustrations by yours truely.  


The book is largely written by Robert S. Dietz and mostly illustrated by Holden (though some of the text is Holden's and a few of the cartoons are by others).

The book was published privately by  The Bookmaker, a vanity publisher run and owned by Holden in the 1980's.  Therefore, you will not be able to order it up from the major online booksellers.  Copies can be found but they are usually priced at a hundred bucks and more (!) - and there aren't many out there.  In short, this is a collector's item for those who are interested in the ongoing debated of evolution vs. creationism and the eventual role of science in America.  It's an important issue.  The theory of evolution underlies all of the biological sciences and the facts of evolution are the basis of paleontology and the understanding of Man's place on this planet...and perhaps in the universe.



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