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A morning doodle and a schizoscroll - and links

The morning doodle was inspired by conversations with Ganymede, with whom I channel on a regular basis and who, if you recall, was a comely shepard boy abducted and taken to Mount Olympus by Zeus to serve wine at the table of the gods - among other duties. With the demise of the ancient Greek pantheon, Ganymede now resides on the third of the Jovian moons (for whom it is named) and describes the life forms to me in great detail that dwell under ice-covered  Europa, Jupiter's second moon.

The schizoscroll (or schizoscrolls, for there are many) is an illusion of my own invention.  A schizoscroll has a different sense of coiling at either end of the scroll. One can just imagine what's going on in between the ends - or maybe one can't imagine what's going on there ...  At any rate, the evolution of a schizoscroll is depicted at the bottom of my limited edition print Fertilization, bottom of page two of my prints on this website.













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Chet Raymo - Sci. Musings blog

A daily blog of Raymo's ruminations about science, history, and skepticism. A perfect way to start the day.

Journal of Irreproducible Results

The Journal Of Irreproducible Results has been in existance - on and off - since 1964 and is now owned and published by Norman Sperling.  Yours truely has published in it several times the last being in the Sept, 2004 issue (with Simanek) with our Science Askew chapter "The Ideal Scientific Equipment Company".                                                                          

Donald Simanek

Over the years Donald Simanek and I have collaborated on various  projects, the latest being Science Askew, a book on science humor published  in 2002.  Check out Don's website for the availability of that very important and entertaining tome.

Peter Gric

Peter gric's art is fantastic and his website links to many European Surrealist artists.

Independent Planetologist

Gary Peterson is a long time friend who has transformed himself from a sedimentology-stratigraphy professor at San Diego State University into a lecturer on astrogeology and comparative planetology of widespread fame.  Under his section on Robert S. Dietz, one can click on my name and view some of my cartoons.

The Sourcebook Project

I've been illustrating Bill Corliss's books for about 25 years or so. This is the largest collection of anomalous science to be found anywhere with subjects ranging  from A to Z - starting with astronomy.  Corliss does not make this stuff up either.  He spends considerable  time combing the scientific literature looking for studies that run counter to accepted truths.                                      

Friends of Charles Darwin

Formally an organization to get the likeness of Chas. Darwin onto British banknotes, they have "evolved" into a club of several hundred members who profess great affection for the founder of modern evolution theory.  Our motto is Charlie is My Darwin.