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When I was in college, back in what seems like the Pliocene, supervolcanoes and supertsunamis were unknown.  Now we realize that when mid-ocean volcanic islands slump off massive landslides into the sea, gigantic tsunamis can be generated  thousands of feet in height.  Large meteorites hitting the ocean can produce the same thing.


A British geologist has described a 30 km long rift on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands off the NW coast of Africa. The west flank of the island is poised to cleave off and plunge into the Atlantic Ocean.  This could be triggered by a volcanic eruptions that occur there with a periodicity of about  200 years.  Since the last eruption was 60 years ago, the next one in 2143 could probably cause this landslide.  Huh!  But it could happen any time...

A European lab calculated that such a slide would produce a "supertsunami" locally 2,000 feet in height.  By the time it reached the East Coast of America it would only be a couple of hundred feet high - only - and sweep inland several miles obliterating every major city on the coastal seaboard.

The Ocean liner Queen Mary is about 1,000  feet long shown here in front of the wave.

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