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GAIA (2002). Price $ 25 ea., ppd.  Size: 8.5 x 11 in. Signed edition 40. 

Hello there!

          I am a retired geologist who likes to draw. Most of these pages feature my limited edition pen & ink drawings for sale.    

          Offered here is a book written a while back by Robert S. Dietz and myself (see the Creation/Evolution Satiricon page) while they last.  Bob Dietz was my mentor and colleague for many years and was one of the few continental drifters back in the 50's and 60's before plate tectonics came into play. The book, however, is not about continental drift or plate tectonics but about creationism (and its modern-day morph "intelligent design").  Anyway, go there and read about it.

         I've also cartooned several books of the poetry of Dr. Harris B. Stewart, Jr. Cartoons were relevant to these works as the poetry is doggerel that "Stew" produced over many years - but doggerel can be fun and, at least, it rhymes unlike most modern day poetry.  I think the cartoons are outstanding! Afterall (this is my webpage and I can say things like that).  Since Stew privately published these books, they are available only through this outlet.






Morning Doodle

I can't read and listen to the morning news at the same time so I doodle.